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James Biffle
creator of and rig builder

About HODLrigs


I take pride in my work and always take the time and effort needed to make a high quality product. I back my work and will do everything in my power to make sure your rig is up and running at peak efficiency from the moment you get it turned on.

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Fully customizable cryptocurrency
mining rigs

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From basic rig frames, to 
fully customized cooling,
power & lighting configurations

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5/5 STARS! Without a doubt the best experience I have ever had buying from an online site whether it be eBay, Craigslist, or any other big-name retailer. The seller was extremely helpful throughout the entire process from pre-purchase communication all the way through set-up and running the mining rig I purchased. The shipment was professionally packaged and all components arrived intact and without damage. I was thoroughly impressed and more than satisfied. I highly recommend!

— Kareem (eBay)


James was very thorough in making sure to arrange the rig to my desired specifications. Shipping seemed to be a little rough, but by no fault of James. I sent him photos when it arrived and he immediately responded to assist me in making sure everything was intact; thankfully everything was functioning as intended. He is also personally ensuring my rig continues to mine for the first 30 days. Great buy!!

— Ryan (Etsy)


Every rig purchase comes with 30 days of free remote monitoring service to ensure your rig is running at peak efficiency after you have received your miner

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Many options to optimize your rig for efficient cooling, performance or just for flair

High performance thermal pads, liquid cooling or heat sinks can be added to your GPUs to extend the life of your GPUs and increase performance.

Add your GPUs directly from HODLrigs. The best performing and efficient GPUs can be purchased directly from HODLrigs. GTX 10xx and 20xx series, RTX 30xx series and RTX A series.

Add a built in monitor so you can monitor the mining process at a glance.

Purchase a lighting package to make your miner a conversation piece. Lighting can add playful flair to your mining rig.


All rigs are professionally packed and insured when shipped

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